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Finally...   A Financial Services Firm that Invests in YOU!

Our Investment

Quantum Financial Strategies is a company that was built with one central focus at its core - to educate people about the way money works so they can be empowered with the game-winning leverage of knowledge on their side.  

For far too long, the financial services industry has taken advantage of people's money so that it can fund its antiquated revenue model.  Between the compounding expense of fees on money, increasingly unpredictable market volatility, and the tax liability that tax-deferred assets present, people need to understand how they can put the financial advantage back into their favor.  

This is what we do.  

We educate.  We empower.  

So YOU can WIN!

401(k) fees, asset management fees, fund fees, early withdrawal fees, late withdrawal fees - the list goes on and on! We teach you how to do the math on fees and then we teach you how to stop hundreds of thousands of dollars from leaving your portfolio throughout your lifetime.




Welcome to a realm of financial truth and knowledge

​Whether it's global virus pandemics, Social Media Users attacking hedge funds or any other unexpected event that leads to emotional market reactions, a -50% downturn in your portfolio requires a +100% correction in order to get your portfolio balance back to where you started.







​Would it surprise you to know that the retirement accounts that you and almost everyone you have ever known were created by a piece of legislation from 1978 that was designed to create tax revenue for the IRS? It's not always what you make that matters... What you ultimately get to keep as spendable income in retirement is what matters most.


We are growing fast and we like connecting with other like-minded individuals who are considering a career path in financial services or to those who have been in the financial services industry who are tired of selling and who want to start helping. 

If you don't know what a career in financial services looks like just yet, we would love to provide you with some valuable career coaching insight that does not come with a requirement that you work with us.  In the instance you are the sort of person who wants to believe that it is possible to create success for yourself while deeply impacting the lives of others, well, your search may have just come to an end!  


We want to change the industry and that means we also need to change the mindset of those who are about to enter it! 


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